The stable and predictable operation of Frissdiplomás Kft. have been recognised not only by the highest, AAA certification of the dun&bradstreet national analytical organisation earned in September 2020, but by HVG and Céginformáció.hu in June 2021, so it recieved a Golden category „Recommended company” certification according to their system of requirements! Only a few thousandths of companies have these certifications in Hungary, which indicates that the financial risk of the establishment of a business relationship with Frissdiplomás Kft. is very low. This certification is especially meaningful for us, as it means that the stable and efficient operation in an industry that was especially affected by the Covid-crisis is possible, and that we have reacted to the challenges with effective solutions that served our clients’ changing needs.

The Organizer of the event:

Frissdiplomás Kft. is a team known for its precision, high-quality customer service, and innovative solutions, whose primary goal is to make the process of finding a job and building a career not only easier but also more enjoyable.

In addition to their career portal,, which targets university students and freshly graduates, they have organized more than 100 recruitment events in the decade and a half of their existence, from factory visits for a few tens of people to national job fairs for more than 10 000 people. The latest addition to their activities is the JOBVERSE Job Fair.

the Main sponsor of the event: is Hungary’s most visited thematic job portal(1), with a mission to connect employers with job seekers through innovative tools, providing the possibly largest amount of quality information while guaranteeing an excellent customer experience at the same time. By the first quarter of 2022, more than 1.2 million job seekers(2)  have registered to the database of Thanks to it’s popularity, provides(3) three times more quality applicants in the hungarian job market than any other job portal.

„More details, better decision.”

(1) Based on the attendance data of Similarweb, was the most visited thematic job portal in the first quarter of 2022.

(2) Own data of Profession (2022. Q2)

(3) Mystery Shopping research (2022)


28 February 2024 (Wednesday) 10 am – 7 pm
29 February 2024 (Thursday) 10 am – 5 pm

BOK „A” Hall
(Budapest, Dózsa György út 1.)


Contact us for more informations and a request for offer!​



Organizer: Frissdiplomás Kft.

Marketing, press inquiries

Andrea Sikosné Bogárdi-Mészöly

Customer relationship

Gábor Mészáros

Construction, operation

Csongor Hajdú


Organiser: Frissdiplomás Kft.​

Marketing, press enquiries​

Andrea Sikosné Bogárdi-Mészöly

Customer relationship

Gábor Mészáros​

Construction, arrangement​

Csongor Hajdú

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2024. október 2. (szerda) 10-19 óra

2024. október 3. (csütörtök) 10-17 óra

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