If you feel a void in your career, come!

27 September (Wednesday) 10 am – 7 pm

28 September (Thursday) 10a m – 5 pm

BOK „A” Hall (Budapest, Dózsa György Street 1.)

You can meet the following companies at the 2023 Fall JOBVERSE Job Fair!

We have 3+1 specific/great reasons, why JOBVERSE is for you!

You can get to know new people, companies, and jobs

Where else could you find out about new opportunities on the market in the same place at the same time, if not at a job fair?

You can learn a lot about the world of work and yourself from our presentations

Job seeking, selection process, career changing, self-awareness, psychology, and a bunch of other topics from our experts.

You can get personalized guidance at our counseling sessions

An outside observer can shed new light on your dilemmas with well-targeted questions.

You can gain true experiences

Besides searching for (and finding) a new job, you can participate in exciting programs while gaining true experiences as well.

...All for free!

More than a job fair!

Take a look at the galactic experiences we are preparing for the 2023 Fall JOBVERSE Job Fair

Business Services Sector World with an insightful discussion on the sector

Free career counsellings at the Counselling Area

Traveling Planetarium, where the sky is the limit

Free makeup consultation and CV photography

Orientify Student Island with career tests for students in the beginning of their careers

The new results and old achievements of modern science with the "Titkok Háza"

...And a specific English-language program spot for you:


Join us for an insightful discussion on the dynamics of the Business Services Sector!

Discover its key aspects, trends, and opportunities to understand this thriving industry that fuels modern businesses.
Ready to delve in together?

What awaits you on September 27-28 at JOBVERSE Job Fair

Find out more about the forming of the culture and its effects on work life!

At home and in the office: Building a community on a higher level
Immerse yourself in the conversations that uncover the positive effects of mixing home office and office work on the work community

Career and skills in the world of BSS
Join us as we explore career opportunities available to you through the real-life stories of our roundtable discussion participants.

Would you like to get to know the BSS industry better?
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How JOBVERSE Job Fair supports your career building at the event?

The exhibitors’ stands will be marked, if:

The company also welcomes colleagues from outside the European Union

English speaking colleagues will be available at the company’s stand on both days of the event

JOBVERSE Job Fair is for you, if...

you are actively searching for a job, internship, student job, or considering a change of workplace,

you are not actively searching for a job currently but are interested in career opportunities available to you,

you would like to go back to work after starting a family,

you would like to go back and take a look at the current job market as a sole proprietor,

you are interested in opportunities in the field of Engineering, IT, Economics, Law or Administration,

you would like to update your CV and would appreciate guidance and professional advice, or would like to test yourself at a mock interview to perform better in real situations,

you would like to spend half a day or a whole day doing something productive and entertaining.

Visitors' opinions about our previous events:

Tovább olvasom
„It’s a great initiation, the execution, the opportunity, because it’s very much needed to bring job seekers closer to the companies and job offers, and to get more help with the application to improve our chances.”
Tovább olvasom
„We could have a casual conversation with the representatives of prestigous companies. The organisation was very high-quality.”
Tovább olvasom
„The presentations were once again very helpful and motivating, evoking more and more ideas in me.”
Tovább olvasom
„Everything was very well planned, so I - a first time visitor - could plan my schedule and explore the opportunities perfectly.”
Tovább olvasom
"What I liked the most about the event was how prepared the exhibitors were, as if I participated in a mock interview."

Take a look at the 2023 Spring JOBVERSE Job Fair!

Join us in the Fall!