Model Based Control Developer (BOSCH)

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The Bosch Engineering Centre of Budapest has been established in 2005. Today, it is a major research and development hub within the Bosch world focusing on the big mobility trends: automated, electrified and connected mobility. More than 3500 engineers are working together on complex automotive products within various fields of engineering from software to mechanical and hardware product development. Your ideas will be part of products improving the life across the globe.
Job Description
We are looking for a model-based control engineering developer, who is taking part of designing, implementing / expanding and testing of various model based control solutions in the field of electric motor control / embedded electronic drive units. Main focus will be on automotive control solutions, but besides many other interesting tasks could come from other areas, e.g. consumer goods, industrial technology or energy and building technology. With your ideas and solutions – working as a part of a highly competent international team, we can solve a wide variety of control challenges, e.g. implementing of a brand new product idea, increasing the reliability of a system, reducing noise, vibration or EM emission, increasing the overall efficiency of a system, thus reduce emission, etc.
Your contribution to something big:
• ► Defining a high-level model based conceptual solution in an early phase of a product
• ► Validating conceptual solutions (e.g. by simulation, using processor in the loop, hardware in the loop systems, or on the target system)
• ► Deriving internal product requirements from customer specifications and constraints
• ► Working out technical concepts and solutions fulfilling the customer requirements
• ► Specifying, developing, implementing, and validating product specific solutions
• ► Integrating your solution into a library of control/drive solutions
• ► Performing reviews, risk assessments and tests (e.g. model validation), to ensure the appropriate design and validation complying with customer- and Bosch internal requirements
What distinguishes you
• ► Analytic, multi-disciplinary mindset (e.g. for good understanding of complex real world systems and it’s modeling)
• ► Solid base knowledge of mathematics (e.g. for understanding or deriving complex equations)
• ► Good problem-solving skills (e.g. for solving complex, hard to identifiable problems in a systematic manner)
• ►Initiative and creativity personality (e.g. for working out new, non-existing solutions, further improve state of the art solutions
• ► Good knowledge of simulation tools (Matlab/Simulink, PLECS, etc.)
o Knowledge of electric motor/drive control algorithm development / implementation is a big advantage.
• ► Good programming skills
o C language (e.g. for integrating the generated code to the embedded SW)
o optionally Python (e.g. for implementing supporting tools, post processors, etc.)
• ► Good understanding of basic HW principles (e.g. basic principles of embedded systems, power electronics, H-bridge, etc.)
• ► Good understanding of basic mechanical principles (e.g. for the ability to model the real world mechanical system in simulations)
• ► Experience with automated code generation (e.g. TargetLink, Embedded Coder)
• ► Experience in using HIL systems (e.g. dSpace, PLECS, SpeedGoat, etc.)
• ► Experience in requirements engineering
• ► Good English (and optionally German) language skills
• ► BSc or MSc degree in the domain of engineering (electrical, mechanical) or computer science

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