• Continous and fast communication
  • Tight connection with one contact person
  • Help with technical questions conserning the event
  • Regarding and understanding your company’s needs


  • A unique microsite* to introduce your company on the website of the event
  • The Microsite will be available for 1 month for the visitors after the job fair
  • Recommending your jobs to relevant visitors
  • Promoting your activities
  • Online logo appearance on the website of the event

*Microsite: Enables to share detalied informations, contents and visual elements, which can help the visitors get to know your company better and build trust.


  • Use of myCV system (online application system), which enables you to get the data of the applicants electronically, making the selection process easier and faster
  • One iPad at the event for the usage of myCV system


  • Furnishing of the stand in accordance with stand size
  • Lighting in case of a framed stand
  • Internet connection (WIFI)
  • Electricity (1pcs 3-way distribution)
  • Host and hostess service, wich includes phisical help at the event, serving of drinks and solving any kind of issues and problems
  • Unique stand sign
  • “All you can eat” food and beverages consumption at the Exhibitor Café for the crew in accordance with stand size
  • Exhibitor pass according to the stand size
  • Free parking place according to the stand size

There are NO „hidden” expenses when using the services of JOBVERSE Job Fair!



Visitors of the Job Fair will receive a QR-coded Career Pass on entry, with the cover coloring corresponding to their field of expertise.

The brochure contains key informations about the event:

  • a presentation of our Key Employer Partners,
  • the programme of the event,
  • the presentations of the Careerstage,
  • a stand map.

The front and back inside covers will feature your message, allowing you to reach your target audience directly, as visitors will receive a unique Career Pass for each field of expertise.


On arrival, all visitors can collect their wristband and Career Pass with a QR code and a different cover for each field of expertise at the check-in gates. Check-in is the first impulse for visitors on site, so they can meet your most important message as soon as they enter!
  •  Individually labelled check-in desks allow you to greet jobseekers that match your target group with a pithy message.
  •  Each desks will also include a display, which will continuously show your company’s employer branding video throughout the event, so you are able to communicate your company’s values and attractive work environment effectively.
Exclusive service! Exclusive appearance option for your company, meaning only your company and messages will be appeared. This is a unique opportunity to maximise the potential of employer branding and stand out towards other exhibitors.


Jobseekers arriving at the job fair will receive a wristband on entry. This way you can address your target group directly, as visitors will receive a unique wristband according to their field of expertise. Benefits of the unique wristband:
  • Adressing your target group directly: Visitors get a unique wristband according to their field of expertise, which allows your company to adress your target group directly and give the job seekers an imput of your company.
  • Unique and outstanding: Unique wristbands stand out towards other basic wristbands and draw the attention of the job seekers. This gives an opportunity to differentiate your company from other exhibitors.


A unique stand design gives your company a handful of very useful opportunities at the event.
  • Convincing and attractive appearance: A unique stand design gives an outstanding and convincing appearance to your company. You can create an attracting stand that catches the attention of the visitors by using the right design elements, colours, logos and graphics.
  • Employer branding communication: By decorating your stand, you can show your employer value proposition, company culture, company atmosphere, call words, specific position names, areas of activity, company profile images, text, design elements, giving visual content to job seekers. A unique stand design gives you the opportunity to stand out towards other exhbitors. You can attract visitors to stop by your stand for a chat with a professional appearance. This allows you to have more meaningful conversations with the visitors.
  • Adressing the right target group: Thanks to the unique stand design, you can give your target group relevant informations about your company. With the help of the graphics, messages and design elements placed on your stand, you can adress the target group interested in a certain field or position.


A creative floor sticker is a great way to expand the stand area and attract the attention of visitors.
  • Expansion: A floor sticker is a great way to visually expand the stand area. This gives you the opportunity to deliver more informations and messages for the visitors, while having a larger palatform to introduce your company as well.
  •   Draw attention: A floor sticker is a unique and spectacular element of your stand. A creative design, colours and graphics can be attractive and help you make visitors stop by your stand to get a closer look.
  • Giving information: A floor sticker can be az informative element of your stand. You can use texts, logos, pictures or other graphics that introduce your company, brand or job opportunities. It allows visitors to get informations about your company in an impulse-free area.
  • Employer branding: With the help of a creative floor sticker, you can build your brand and strengthen the appearance of your company. The unique design and creative appearance allows your company to be unique and recognisable on the floor as well. This can contribute to the bulding of a positive image of your brand and makes a positive impression on the visitors.



Use the power of the first impulse! Target candidates with our online event brochure, which is sent to all registrants immediately!


Pre-event preparation e-mails are targeted, so your message is guaranteed to reach the target group you want it to reach. It’s an exclusive opportunity, as only 1 company per sector can appear in 1 e-mail.



As a Key Employer Partner, you can be presented at every stage of our visitor’s career development process! From moment zero, for 3 months, you will be the most visible feature of the event’s marketing campaign. With the combination of online and offline appearances, you can comminicate with job seekers effectively and directly. This gives them an opportunity to be exposed to your messages as much as possible during the campaign.


If you care about connecting with conscious jobseekers, transferring knowledge, supporting education and development, increasing the effectiveness of training platforms and social responsibility, and would like to contribute to a place where these are encouraged, support the Careerstage!


As a key supporter of the Counseling Area, you will be able to reach and support conscious jobseekers who are keen to develop and would like to learn from experts to help them steer their careers.

chill zone

There's plenty plenty of impulses for visitors at the event, but in the chill zones you can capture their attention more effectively with a well-targeted message, or with an exciting game to lure them to your stand.


This service is free of charge to visitors and also a great way of building a positive connection with the visitors and of connecting your company’s name with this benefit.

Take the opportunity! Use it for:
  • building name recognition,
  • creating a positive image for your company,
  • driving visitors to your stand.


Contact us for more informations and a request for offer!​



Organiser: Frissdiplomás Kft.

Marketing, press enquiries

Andrea Sikosné Bogárdi-Mészöly

Customer relationship

Gábor Mészáros

Construction, arrangement

Csongor Hajdú


Organiser: Frissdiplomás Kft.​

Marketing, press enquiries​

Andrea Sikosné Bogárdi-Mészöly

Customer relationship

Gábor Mészáros​

Construction, arrangement​

Csongor Hajdú

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