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UNICEF staff in the field are doing all they can to reach the most vulnerable children across the world. But they also need support to stay fully focused on delivering the best possible results. That’s why we have a Global Shared Services Centre (GSSC) that takes care of these needs.

UNICEF’s Global Shared Services Centre (GSSC) has over 300 dedicated staff members and provides services to more than 150 UNICEF offices and over 16 thousand staff worldwide with HR, payroll, finance, and IT services.

Thanks to the GSSC, the reduced time that UNICEF offices spend on these processes can be redirected to support critical work on the ground to deliver results for children.

But the GSSC is much more than that. We drive efficiency and improvement efforts for the entire organization. We also serve as a hub for various teams in UNICEF, bringing together policy and practice under one roof. As UNICEF continues to grow, so does the GSSC.

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Our office is in the city centre of Budapest, Wesselényi Street.


Candidates shortlisted for a position may undergo an assessment, followed by a reference check and other processes depending on the position level, area of work, and office context. Candidate assessment techniques will vary according to the contextual and business needs of the hiring office.
Az UNICEF Global Shared Services Centre-ben minden generációs igényt kielégitő, kényelmes és modern környezetből járulunk hozzá a gyermekek jóllétéhez világszerte. Ha érdekel a HR, pénzügy, bérszámfejtés vagy az IT területek valamelyike, akkor az UNICEF standjánál a helyed, ahol kollégáinktól megtudhatod, hogyan válhatsz az adott terület szakértőjévé! Ismerj meg minket és tedd meg az első lépést karriered elinditasaban egy igazán fontos munkát végző ENSZ szervezetnél!

Beszélgethetsz közvetlenül a területeink munkatársaival, hogy többet megtudj a szekcióink projektjeiről, de a HR-es kollégák is rendelkezésedre állnak, akiktől érdeklődhetsz a karrierlehetőségeinkről és szívesen segítenek CV tanácsadással is!

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At UNICEF, we focus on attracting and retaining the best talent with the skills and commitment to make UNICEF’s vision a reality. What do you get in return? A meaningful career complete with diverse and exciting professional and personal development opportunities to make a real difference for every child. Join us!
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