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Vincotech is an established, reliable partner in designing and building power modules for motion control, renewable energy, and power supply applications.

We believe our continued success lies in teamwork and the opportunity each team member has to learn, develop and grow. Therefore, we strive to attain maximum employee contribution by valuing our individual differences, helping employees to fully utilize their talents and bring out their best, whilst fulfilling employee needs wherever possible.

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Vincotech Hungária Kft.
2060 Bicske / Hungary
Kossuth Lajos utca 59.


Vincotech GmbH
Biberger Strasse 93
82008 Unterhaching / Germany


  • job profile definition

  • selection of recruitment channel (job ads, headhunters)

  • CV/applications review, screening

  • organizing interviews with the candidate at an agreed time

  • conducting face-to-face interviews (1-2 rounds with HR and direct manager, possibility to visit production, workplace, gym, canteen, etc., can meet with future colleagues)

  • after CEO approval, a written job offer is sent to the selected candidate

  • onboarding

Why should you work with us?

Vincotech – an affiliated company within the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation - in 1996, the company first planted a footprint in a market that holds great promise for the future, power modules. Ever since, a dedicated team has developed state-of-the-art technologies engineered to create compelling new components, both standard and customized, for motor drives, solar inverters, welding equipment, and power supplies. Today Vincotech is a market leader in power modules.

What the world needs now is cleaner, efficient, and affordable energy. The key to satisfying increasing demand for electricity is efficient power conversion. At Vincotech, we develop modules that bring the benefits of efficient power conversion to diverse use cases in key markets. Our mission is to bring our customers’ best ideas to life. Fast and flexible, passionate and agile, we facilitate market-leading, energy-efficient applications. This is how we do our part to decarbonize society. We are driven to develop innovative power conversion technology for our focus markets – renewables, motion control, and power supply. Our modules enable efficient, affordable energy use wherever it is needed, improving peoples’ lives around the world and creating a sustainable future.

This is what Vincotech stands for.

Vincotech is a flat networked organization in which speed and flexibility in decision-making characterize the way of working. With approximately 800 employees worldwide the we offer a diverse and highly supportive work environment that promotes professional integrity, excellence, teamwork, and innovation.

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