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As a Contract and Resource Management (CRM) Analyst, your role is to assist the client sales team in pursuing sales deals by creating and modifying contracts on time and accurately.

• Identify and resolve third-party dependency issues
• Utilize various systems to manage the client’s resources, such as documents and personnel
• Assist TCS clients with legal and statutory requirements, agreed company processes, and Service Level Agreements
• Manage the creation and amendment of contracts, including commercial, public, and subcontractors
• Create a draft contract using Microsoft templates and work through the approval process
• Make any necessary updates to the draft contract with the seller
• Coordinate deal pursuit approvals
• Verify the contract is set up correctly and submitted to the relevant stakeholders for validation
• Perform contract validations (pre- and post-signature).
• Resolve queries from key stakeholders
• Keep track of sales and deal stages
• Ensure signatures and purchase orders (POs) are checked
• Verify that contract setup has been completed in the respective tool
• Ensure that the contract is set up correctly in the system
• Provide weekly contract status reports on in-flight deals
• Utilize the client tool to access contracts and other documents
• Prioritize urgent contracts with the validation team
• Resolve suspended requests with the Resource Manager/Domain Solution Architect
• Update customer application details according to standard operating procedures (SOPs)
• Perform resource management amendments according to standard operating procedure (SOP)
• Provide customer-specific reports and analytics
• Ensure queue hygiene
• Ensure all queues reflect volumes at the end of the day for each stakeholder.
• Ensure that project updates are handled at the pre- and post-signing stages
• Assist Central Hiring Administration with end-to-end administrative tasks including but not limited to:
o Position Control Number (PCN) Lifecycle management
o Accept new requests
o Assign a PCN from the pool of numbers provided by Finance
o Make a request to start the hiring process with Global Talent Acquisition

• It is preferred that you have at least one year of relevant work experience in the areas of contract/resource management and customer relations
• A bachelor’s degree in marketing or sales is preferred
• Understanding of contracts, clauses in contracts, and resource management
• Communication and presentation skills for business
• Focus on high quality deliverables in a timely and accurate manner
• A working knowledge of Microsoft Office

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