Test Engineer




Your skills are in demand. We need you to:
/ Make simulations required for preparing circuits, equipment and measurements according to the functional specification
/ Select the most suitable solution, design circuit diagrams, select components, evaluate circuit board construction, circuit design, measurement, evaluate measurement, document the completed work
/ Review other plans and concepts based on professional experience, making proactive suggestions
/ Active participation in interpreting, commenting, specifying higher-level requests to the group, breaking them down into feasible tasks and parts and submitting an alternative proposal if necessary
/ Make technical/economic comparisons, examining own, external or standard solution options, making proposals
/ Specify the required software, writing it or causing it to be written
/ Prepare reports in case of measurement and analysis, write technical documentation and description of use in case of equipment
/ Test newly developed prototypes, new firmware/software versions, prepare test documentation, evaluating and documenting test results
/ Design and develop tests and test environments, test process development, conduct and document measurements and experiments specified by customers
/ Integrate new products into the existing test environment, supporti the development of a test strategy
/ Give professional support of the production process

Your credentials are persuasive. You:
/ Have degree in electrical engineering
/ Have 3-5 years of professional experience
/ Are proficient in English at professional and negotiation level
/ Have up-to-date knowledge and use of electronic design and software development systems, measurement technology knowledge and experience, performance electronics experience and application knowledge
/ Have problem-solving ability, teamwork ability, continuous professional development, openness and proactivity in following technical progress: Database knowledge, MS Office user level knowledge

Join us and take this opportunity to:
/ Be part of a company, which is a key enabler of efficient and affordable energy use everywhere, which is one of the most important megatrends of our society and a necessity for generations to come
/ Drive change and have a direct impact on future business and the future of Vincotech
/ Be part of a motivating company culture where flat hierarchies and quick decision-making are realities rather than wishful thinking
/ Find long-term career prospects, an attractive salary and very good benefits – all this can be part of your priority package at Vincotech

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A rendezvény főszervezője:

2024. október 2. (szerda) 10-19 óra

2024. október 3. (csütörtök) 10-17 óra

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