• continuous and fast communication
  • keeping in close contact with the contact person
  • assisting with technical issues related to the event
  • taking your company's needs into account and understanding them to the maximum


  • create a unique microsite* on JOBVERSE featuring your company
  • the microsite will remain available to visitors for 1 month after the JOVERSE Job Fair
  • recommending your job opportunities to relevant visitors
  • promoting your activities
  • appearance on the JOBVERSE website with your logo

*Microsite: allows you to share detailed information, content and visual elements that can help interested parties get to know your company better and build trust.


  • Using myCV (online application system) is a great way to receive applicants' details electronically, so you can move relevant applicants through your selection process much easier and faster
  • 1 on-site iPad to use myCV


  • furniture according to the size of the stand
  • stand lighting in case of a framed stand
  • internet access (WiFi)
  • electricity (1 with 3 power points)
  • host and hostess service, including physical assistance in the area, serving drinks, and any problems, requests or questions, problems
  • customer gate
  • stand signage with individual stickers
  • stand staffing "all you can eat" in the Exhibitors' Café
  • the number of exhibitor passes for the size of the stand
  • the number of free parking spaces for the size of the stand



Visitors of the job fair will receive a bar-coded Career Pass on entry, with the outside covers  colored according to their area of expertise

The Career Pass brochure will contain the most important information about the event:

  • introductions from our key employers,
  • the program list,
  • the Career Stage presentations,
  • the stand map.

Your company's message will be displayed on the front and back covers, allowing you to reach your target group directly, as visitors will receive a unique Career Pass for each area.

CHECK-IN desks

Check-in desks are the first meeting points for event participants, where they can pick up their wristband and Career Pass, which has a different cover for each area of expertise. This process gives you the opportunity to display your company and communicate your message to visitors as soon as they enter.

  • uniquely cascaded entry desks allow you to greet job seekers that match your target audience with your message
  • desks also include 1-1 displays that continuously show your company's employer branding video throughout the event, so you can effectively communicate your company's values and attractive work environment

This is an exclusive service! This exclusive display gives your company the opportunity to display your company and your message. It's a unique opportunity to maximize your employer branding and stand out from the crowd.


Job seekers arriving at the job fair will receive a wristband upon entry. This allows you to address your target group directly, as visitors will receive a unique wristband according to their area of expertise.
Benefits of the unique wristband:

  • Address with your target group directly:
    With job seekers receiving unique wristbands according to their area of expertise, this gives your company the opportunity to address your target group directly and give job seekers an immediate indication of your company.
  • Unique and attention-grabbing:
    Unique wristbands stand out from other generic wristbands and attract the attention of job seekers. This gives you the opportunity to differentiate your company from the rest at the exhibitors and attract the attention of job seekers.


Unique stand design provides your company with extremely useful options at the event.

  • A convincing and attractive appearance:
    Unique stand design provides your company with an outstanding and convincing appearance. With the right design elements, colors, logos and graphics, you can create an engaging and attractive booth that will capture the attention of visitors.
  • Employer branding communication:
    You can showcase your company's employer value proposition, corporate culture and atmosphere by decorating your stand. You can use specific position names, activities, images, text and design elements that reflect your company profile. This will provide job seekers with visual content and help them get to know your company and job opportunities.
  • Unique and distinctive:
    A unique stand design gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. With a professional and unique look, you will attract the attention of visitors and encourage them to take an interest in your stand. This creates the opportunity for deeper conversations and networking with job seekers.
  • Target the right audience:
    A unique stand design allows you to convey information about your company in a way that is appropriate for your target audience. You can use graphics, messages and design elements on your stand to target jobseekers who are interested in a particular field or position.

floor stickers

Unique creative floor stickers are a great way to expand your stand area and attract visitors.

  • Extending your space: Using floor stickers can visually expand the area of your stand. This allows you to convey more information and messages to your visitors, giving you more space to showcase and display your company information.
  • Attention-grabbing: A creative floor sticker is a unique and eye-catching element of your stand that can attract the attention of visitors. Creative design, colors and graphics can be attractive and help visitors stop and take a closer look at your stand.
  • Communicating information: Floor stickers can be an informative element of your stand. You can use text, logos, images or other graphics to showcase your company, employer brand or job opportunities. This allows visitors to get information about your company in the unimpulsive area.
  • Employer Branding: You can use creative floor stickers to build your employer brand and strengthen your company's image. The unique design and creative look allows your company to be unique and recognizable even on the floor. This can help build a positive image for your company and create a positive impression in the minds of visitors.



Use the power of the first impression! Target candidates with our online event brochure, which is sent to all registrants!


Pre-event preparation emails are targeted, so your message is guaranteed to reach the target group you want to reach exclusively, as only 1 company per sector can appear in 1 email.



Our visitors could be present at any stage of the career development process! From moment zero, you will be the most visible part of the event's marketing campaign for 3 months. With a combination of online and offline appearances, you can communicate effectively and directly with job seekers. This will give them the opportunity to see your message more often during the campaign.


If connecting with conscious job seekers, transferring knowledge, supporting education and development, increasing the effectiveness of training platforms, and social responsibility are important to you and you would like to contribute to a place where these are encouraged, support the Career Stage!


As a key supporter of the Counselling Workshop, you have an excellent opportunity to reach and support conscious job seekers who are actively seeking to evolve and learn from experts to further develop their careers.


There's a lot of momentum at the event, so the break-out areas are a great opportunity to grab visitors' attention with a well-targeted message or an exciting game.

visitors' WIFI

Our aim is to help your company's name be associated with a positive service that is free to all visitors and that the majority of participants want. It is an excellent way to increase name recognition, create a positive image and drive visitors to your stand.
Offering a free service is a great way to build a positive relationship with visitors and link your company name to the benefits you offer.
Take advantage of this opportunity to:

  • increase your company's visibility
  • build a positive image

And drive visitors to your stand.


If you would like to participate in the JOBVERSE Job Fair as a visitor, click here to register!
Organiser: Frissdiplomás Kft.​
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Customer Contact
Construction, realisation

The main organiser of the event:

2 October 2024 (Wednesday) 10 am - 7 pm

3 October 2024 (Thursday) 10 am - 5 pm

BOK "A" Hall

(Budapest, Dózsa György út 1 .) @ All right reserved.