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"The JOBVERSE 2023 Autumn Job Fair was like an atomic flash" - one of our exhibitors summed up his experience, adding: "When JOBVERSE started, many people thought that it would not be a success, because it was so much to start from scratch."

Indeed, we dared to dream big, and with our innovative ideas we realised Hungary's first experiential event, JOBVERSE Job Fair. Over the years we have received a lot of feedback, here are some of them.


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I can only recommend it to all companies. A diverse and valuable job fair for everyone.
REHAU-Automotive Kft.
A very high quality and really well organised event.A great opportunity not only for job seekers but also for exhibitors to make new contacts.
Judit Schwarcz
Personalbüro Kritzer
Professional organisation, appropriate care, supportive background.We look forward to participating in the next JOBVERSE!
Zsuzsanna Mills
AAM Tanácsadó Zrt
We highly recommend the JOBVERSE Job Fair to companies that are looking to build their brand and establish a strong presence in the public eye, especially in the post-pandemic challenges. JOBVERSE is also a fun and professional way to build new relationships and find the perfect candidates through outstanding organization.
Enikő Kovács
Avis Budget Group BSC
You have taken the world of job fairs to another dimension. An experience where everyone can find what they are looking for. You have taken a big burden off the shoulders of exhibitors in the pre-organization phase. Thank you for the opportunity to work together.
Zoltán Lukács
MOL Nyrt.
I've organised several of our presence at job fairs nationwide, but JOBVERSE is by far the best organized. Professional team, professional event!
Melinda Pém
Sigma Technology Magyarország Kft.
Our participation at JOBVERSE has become a regular occurre, because it's an event where we can meet candidates in a friendly environment that reflects our company culture and gives us the opportunity to have informal conversations with them or to apply for specific positions.
Budapest Airport Zrt.
Endlessly professional organization! A key aspect is the sense of security for exhibitors and visitors alike, and JOBVERSE excels in this area with its excellent communication. A visitor-focused event where they can get real solutions to their problems and relevant answers to their dilemmas. It's a job fair to which it feels good to return to as an exhibitor, to see the progress and to experience the atmosphere without the fuss!
Bogáta Zelei
BetterMore Consulting kft.
Spring and autumn are always a great time for us, both because of the weather and because of the JOBVERSE Job Fair. We meet many interesting career paths, stories, and even more people who are interested in us and with whom we can potentionally work together in the future. The professionalism of the organizers is the cherry on top.
Alexandra Tolnai
Tesco Business Solutions
I would particularly like to highlight the professionalism and organization of the event, as well as the excellent opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our visitors. We underestimated the number of visitors with more than double the number of visitors. We are proud to have participated in this creative event and to have contributed to the success of the JOBVERSE Job Fair.


What I liked the most was that there was the Defence Forces with a Gidran MRAP armoured car, and lots of nice, sympathetic people. Hungarians and foreigners alike. I liked the location inside, outside, and the surroundings. By the way, I don't usually travel on metro line 2, this time I was able to travel on it. Everything was very good, pleasant, smooth, seamless.
Dominik André Reitzi
JOBVERSE visitor
The website was fresh, youthful and inviting, kudos. The access control was professional. So was the placement of the stands. I would have done a little more seating. Overall, it was good. It's unfortunate that I don't have a technical or an IT degree. I would have definitely found a job :)
Katalin Csikós
JOBVERSE visitor
I had the opportunity to find out about job vacancies from a credible "source" and to ask questions about a job in person.
Máté Veszelszki
JOBVERSE visitor
I could get to know different companies and ask my own personal questions on almost any subject, because the environment and the people were very open.
Dominika Tóth
JOBVERSE visitor
The organisation was perfect and precise! Best job fair I have ever attended! Thank you so much!!!!
Judit Pápa
JOBVERSE visitor
The fact that there were a lot of companies out there. Many companies that I was interested in by default, but also many that I didn't think would be relevant to me, yet I was surprised at how much I didn't know before. So far the presentations were very good, at least the ones I listened to I really liked!
JOBVERSE visitor
The organisation, the fact that there were exhibitors from so many areas, there were advice sessions, there were presentations, there were games. A high-quality, demanding organisation, with a noticeable effort to be present in all areas.
JOBVERSE visitor
You can visit a colorful, diverse range of exhibitors, efficiently, in a short time, and you'll usually be contacted in the days afterwards. It makes the job search much more human. The health island is a very good thing. There, too, you could have several tests done in a relatively short time and get advice on immediate results. Great. :)))
JOBVERSE visitor
You could go there without any stakes and ask specific questions about the job, the jobs advertised, and you could do it all in one day. Green event (career pass for example). I wish I could have gone out on more days, listened to the presentations one day, attended the advice sessions one day, walked the stands one day, and played one day. Now the priority was to apply to as many places as possible, but I would have liked to try the experience part.
JOBVERSE visitor
Organization and that so many companies were out there. I got to know several companies that I hadn't seen before
JOBVERSE visitor
It was organized and tidy, easy to get information.
JOBVERSE visitor
The possibility to go to companies to ask about the recruitment process, as long as there was an HR and recruitment officer outside. I also liked the fact that you could find out by colour code whether they were looking for people in that area.
JOBVERSE visitor


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To view the original post on LinkedIn, log in to LinkedIn and click the button.
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JOBVERSE is a fun and professional event, which we were delighted to attend again this year. Your support in our performance on the Student Stage was fantastic, as was the professional support we received before and during the event!
Bartucz Szilvia
Apollo Tyres (Hungary) LTD
Thank you very much for organizing and running the JOBVERSE Job Fair! It is always a great pleasure to work with you, but JOBVERSE is becoming our favourite form of cooperation for the second time. As an exhibitor, we were absolutely satisfied with the quality of the event, the preparations, the organisation and the follow-up work so far. The event met all our needs, we had a great experience...
Baranyi Diána
Tempus Közalapítvány
On the Silabs side, we decided to JOBVERSE because we wanted to raise awareness of our brand and meet people interested in our company face-to-face. Our main target group was job seekers with a background in IT and engineering. The two days were professionally organised and lively, and the visitors had a great time.
Bertók Ildikó
Silicon Labs
The job fair provided a good opportunity to present our organisation and to talk to job seekers interested in our work. The large number of exhibitors was made easier by the fact that many JOBVERSE colleagues were available to help with the entry and to collect iPads. The exhibitor café contributed greatly to maintaining the exhibitors' sense of comfort at all times, keeping them fresh and therefore motivated. On behalf of all exhibitors, I would like to express my special thanks for the Exhibitor Experience Hour.
Somodi Anikó - sajtóreferens
Országos Idegenrendészeti Főigazgatóság
From an exhibitor's point of view, JOBVERSE is the clear winner for me, from the start of the organisation until the last visitor leaves. From the very first moment, the team made every effort to put together the optimum offer for us, understanding our precise needs, and all the obstacles that arose on the way were overcome quickly and professionally. We were not disappointed during the event either, Jobverse delivered the promised quality and achieved what I have never experienced elsewhere: a huge percentage of relevant candidates came to us, which showed significant results in the period that followed. I think that, especially in the IT sector, this is a real rarity.
Aracsi Zsófia


A colourful, diverse, high-quality event, with smiling and friendly, open, helpful employers and prospective colleagues on site.
Elekné Ilovai Gabriella
JOBVERSE visitor
The fact that I had the opportunity to meet in person with the employers' HR cases, I would like to highlight the Mol Group stand where I had the opportunity to be interviewed.
Németh Bianka
JOBVERSE visitor
The organisation, the opportunity to attend job search presentations and meet with employers in one place at the same time.
Szuvák Attila
JOBVERSE visitor
Interesting presentations, lots of demonstration companies (I will go both days next year).
Krix Anett
JOBVERSE visitor
The website was transparent and easy to use, it was good to have a map, the people at the stands were open.
Járó Mária
JOBVERSE visitor
I really liked the good organisation, the many exhibitors and the fact that visitors had the opportunity to experience new things while looking for a job.
Kerezsi-Nagy Dóra
JOBVERSE visitor
The kindness we liked the most was that we were not looked down upon for being rural and the love filled the whole facility so much that we left at 4:45pm with a sore heart , how nice it was to repeat 🙂 🖐️
Huppauer Szabolcs
JOBVERSE visitor
Everything was very well organised, I attended both days and found it extremely useful.
Potóczki Erika
JOBVERSE visitor
Modern exhibition, high level of information
Doboróczky Roxána
JOBVERSE visitor
The motivation and the spirit of some of the presentations made me want to work there (e.g. NIX)
Grohmann Patrik Tamás
JOBVERSE visitor
Employers' attitudes. I felt that the employees were important. They talked to me, told me about the company, about the products; they showed me around. It was like they were standing in line, not the workers in the aisle. I found it handy that at one of the stands there was a sign printed on the wall telling you what positions they were looking for employees for.
Tóth László
JOBVERSE visitor
The stage performances, because they taught me something I hadn't thought of before.
Kontra Barnabás
JOBVERSE visitor
What I liked the most was that you could get screened, attend counselling sessions and listen to lectures all in one place.
Nguyen Thac Bach
JOBVERSE visitor
The exhibiting companies were very professional, prepared and flexible. They were very welcoming, which is a big plus point, because they stood their ground all the time! :) It was very rounded, interactive, I loved the presentations.
Tarnay Gábor
JOBVERSE visitor
The professionalism of the organisation (personalised QR code, colour-coded selection, the exhibition spaces), the wide range of programmes, I am particularly pleased with the presentations and advice on self-awareness.
JOBVERSE visitor

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the JOBVERSE experience!

If you don't want to miss our upcoming Fall 2024 event, contact us now!

See you on October 2-3, 2024! Meet the best candidates there!


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